Vencelas Dabaya; France’s best chance for a medal in Paris?

Dabaya Vencelas FRA 69kg

Dabaya Vencelas FRA 69kg does a back flip after his last lift in celebating his 2006 world weightlifting championship title at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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France’s local favorite Vencelas Dabaya will be under a lot of pressure to perform well at the 2011 world weightlifting championships in Paris, after zeroing in both the 2009 and 2010 world championships. The snatch is his weakness, and in the competition he may well be at least 10kg below the leaders. We might expect at least three lifters to snatch over 160kg. A world record in the snatch might be in the cards if Liao (CHN) busted for doping offense and Binay(TUR) show up in good shape. Even Dabaya’s “ace in the hole” CJ would appear in jeopardy as Liao (CHN) CJ’ed a world record 198 kg at last years World championship.   I wish Dabaya  success, he will have a huge rooting section including myself.

Blasts from the past

Dabaya winning his world title at the 2006 world weightlifting championship

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