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Who will win at the 2013 World weightlifting championships-Wroclaw, Poland?

Who will win in Poland?

Trach VIE 56kg

Trach VIE 56kg

Really tough call after the Olympic year. Even tougher after seeing the start list. Are the entry totals close to the reality of what they will be doing on game day? Who is playing what game (ie. China)?  Some of their lifters are entered with totals that rank them lower than 10th spot, just not believable. For the powerhouse nation in wtl they come in with some low entry weights. It appears some may be lifting in a B category. And which 8 of the 10 men entered for Russia will lift? Who will get a sudden injury at the last minute? Training lifts really count for little IMO, it all boils down to who comes mentally and physically ready at a precise moment in time. Its one thing to look impressive on a youtube video but quite another to look the same way at a meet where it counts.  No entries from KOR or INA (Indonesia) who typically place  in the top 8. Strong mens teams from TUR and BUL have all but disappeared. I guess Ivan Abadjiev needs to put on more seminars.

56kg have to go with Long CHN. It would be nice to see a WR jerk from Om PRK. The money will be on Om? Tall slender Trach VIE in for a medal.

62kg; much tougher call; probably Chen CHN the 2010 Jr world champion, with the 2 Columbians Figueroa and Mosquera in there for medals and Hristov as well.

69kg;Liao CHN and then Chen RUS and 3rd too close to call with too many contenders. Not sure about the 2nd ranked Sanchez VEN? Maybe.

77kg; Lu CHN, Taghian IRI (based on a long history of medallists in this category), stick my neck out with the host countries Zwarycz POL

Apti Aukhadov RUS 85kg

Apti Aukhadov RUS 85kg

85kg;  Hopefully the “battle royal” will happen between Zielinski POL and Aukhadov RUS, I’d like to pick Rybakou for 3rd, but he looked pretty bad at the 2012 Olympics, so I will go with  Tian CHN.

94kg; Ivanov RUS the steadfast soldier for 1st, one of entries from KAZ Uteshov, Sedov(world champion in 2009), and Kasabijew POL

105kg; Dolega POL, Bedzhanyan RUS, Bonk POL ( not picking Aramnau), Nurudinov KAZ (this guy is capable of 420kg if he is in shape. Actually Bonk may be a surer bet than Dolega. At 31 yrs old Dolega’s body has taken a pounding.

Supers; Udachyn UKR, probably then two Russians (they have 3 listed Mogushkov, Albegov, Lovchev)

Ruiz COL 85kg

Ruiz COL 85kg lifting in B category won silver in CJ. What dark horses will win medals in 2013?

The bottom line is I have no idea who will win. Probably the only person I’d put money on is Ilin, but he isn’t lifting and the odds would be terrible.



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