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Andrei Rybakou is entered at 2011 World weightlifting Championship

I am excited to see Rybakou entered. I’ve waited through four major championships to see Rybakou again (2008 European championship , the 2009, 2010 and 2011 World championships). I really hope he is standing on the stage when the 85kg class lines up for introductions, because the reality is  an entry doesn’t always turn into actually lifting. The last time I saw him was in Thailand where he set the snatch world record.

Rybakou Andrei BLR 85kg

Rybakou Andrei BLR 85kg snatches 187kg world record

The photo sequence is from a book I published, the “86” is a page number in case you were wondering. See Blog post http://www.robmacklem.com/olympic-weightlifting-book/
The snatch has always been Rybakou’s forte, so much so that I saw competition results as a Jr where his lifts were 180kg snatch and 190 kg CJ. The 2006 worlds saw him do 180 + 203, 2007 worlds 187 + 206 and 2008 Olympics 185 + 209. My point is to illustrate that over the years it appears he has made a concerted effort to improve his CJ. Where will his lifts be in 2011 ???

Rybakou Andrei BLR 85kg

Rybakou Andrei BLR 85kg

In Thailand 2007 I took some digital negatives on a flash card to the local print shop. It was an experiment to see how well I could proof prints in my laptop.(you can’t TRULY proof a print unless you have the “color profile” of the printer that is used to make the print). It wasn’t particularly good (I have very high standards as to what a print should look like) Anyway, I picked up the prints on my way to the competition hall. Outside the hall I came across Rybakou walking through the local vendor area outside the hall. He was kind enough to sign a print,the day after he lifted the WR. That was cool!  P.S. I always give a lifter a print.

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