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Jaakko Kailajärvi (“Jaska”) FINLAND an orginal 1960’s Olympic weightlifting quick lift specialist

You have to love Olympic weightlifting historian David Webster’s description of Jaakko ; “his intense concentration, aggressive demeanor on the platform, noisy breathing, exclamations of exultation in victory and annoyance on failure to lift a weight were eagerly anticipated by all who watched him in action.” From Webster’s book “The Iron Game.”

Two world records @ 82.5kg in the snatch

  • 143.5 kg set on 1.7.1962
  • 146.5kg set on 20.9.1962

The 146.5 kg WR set at the 1962  World Championships in Budapest, Hungary was described as follows; He strides fiercely up and down, glaring at the bar, making faces at it, as if to intimidate it. Finally he stops striding and stands facing the bar, staring at it for at least a minute, his small, dark eyes gimlet like. In time he quiets down, seems to relax, and then goes for the bar. He uses a rather close grip, pulls high, sits so low that his trunks appear to touch the platform, and fixes the bar overhead. I am sure what we witnessed was a case of self-hypnosis, something we had never seen before. He sat nearby for a few minutes, then leaped up and started pacing again. He made a good try 147.5 kg. ” It should be noted he had lifted as much as the WR in the 90kg category (Alexander Gavrilov USSR).Kailajarvi Snatch Tracing Kailajärvi’s snatch technique naturally was of great interest as evidenced by these tracings done by coach David Webster (ENG). Continue reading »

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