SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad IRI 2011 World Champion

 عکس عکس برداشتن از بهداد سلیمی - ویکیپدیا

SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad IRI at the top of his pull on a world record 214kg snatch at the 2011 World Weightlifting championship Paris, France.

This was the session everyone was waiting for, and the main protagonist SALIMIKORDASIABI didn’t disappoint his fans. There were many stories floating around that he had made Wr’s in training. In the training hall in France he made an easy 200kg snatch and was geared for more but his coach stopped the onslaught. He also cleaned an easy 255kg only to miss the jerk. SALIMIKORDASIABI  finally broke  the  213kg world record held by of countryman REZAZADEH Hossein. Behdad pretty much annihilated the competition beating second place teammate ANOUSHIRAVANI HAMLABAD Sajjad by 25kg in total. I would be fairly certain that the CJ and total record will fall soon.


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