Blurb book – photography of 2007 World weightlifting championships

2007 World weightlifting championships-blurb book  This post is not meant as a shameless plug, just a quick  photo journey of the competition. Doing single image two page layouts of head shots at the beginning was a mistake. I just wanted to practice doing a two page layout. But it was a  poor choice of photo, what was I thinking?  When you view these pages in the slideshow the center edges don’t match, however when the book is bound they do.

I did this book in early 2008 as a personal project.  The intention was never to sell it, I just wanted to do it for learning about personal publishing.

  • Was I happy with the finished product? It was pretty good.
  • Was I happy with my layout? Probably not.
  • Was I happy with blurb? Yes.
  • Was it easy? Yes and No. Always print a small book sample, only one copy, preferably the smallest number of pages. Invariably no matter how carefully you proof it there will be mistakes.
  • Did I use a blurb template? No.
  • Was it a big time commitment? Yes , at least for my 160 page book.


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