Matthias Steiner -surgery Sept 22-2011

For sure using google translate leaves a lot to be desired. I think a few things were “lost in translation”, for example using lbs for kgs. It goes as follows;

Steiner Matthias GER 105+kg Olympic weightlifter

Steiner Matthias GER 105+kg lifting at the 2008 European championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

After surgery, Steiner writes from Olympic Gold

For two nights weightlifter Matthias Steiner had pain after his surgery, he now laughs again. The Olympic champion is still in the Olympic focus, but the first time just enjoying the time with the family. Because Dad Ouch!

Quickly goes to Matthias Steiner just nothing. Very slowly and carefully, he comes to special crutches that can withstand the 146-pound heavyweight. Under the broad based training pants, a rail, the left leg, which may prevent the weightlifting at the moment and not stress. At the knee a thick patch is applied over the surgical scar on his massive thighs or the thick cross is seen, was marked by the right leg before the surgery.

“At the moment I can not do anything, just sit and lie. In three to four weeks, hopefully full load. This means: go, “Matthias Steiner says in his first interview after the operation the sports information service. His range of motion: the apartment. Third floor, no elevator.

A week ago, the Olympic champion from Beijing has undergone surgery after he had sustained in a training match a tear in the quadriceps tendon. For a lifter of a serious injury. This tendon transfers the power from the thigh to the lower leg.

Without this tendon, the strongest man in the world currently not even raise his son. Which is just 18 months old and lightly as a feather in Steiner’s dimensions. “The little one still climbs around on me, I can just run behind but not so fast,” Steiner says, and laughs: “He always puts out his hand, because I must come. Then I say: ‘Yes is, Dad, but not so fast, because I must take the crutches. ” He understands – the main thing, I will. When he gets close to the bone, I say ‘Papa Ow! “, Which he understands, and caressing it over it.”

The injury has also been beneficial: Instead of training camp-term abstinence is the 29-year-old suddenly very much in the family. “My life is pretty relaxed because I currently can not do anything else but wait. I’m looking forward to when it starts again. Until then, I can lie in front of the TV, without a guilty conscience can, and let myself indulge a little. “

It will start up again in January. Three months would not be trained Steiner. A forecast of how much weight he will be lost, he does not dare. “I had personal best in thrusting

258 pounds, then I can start in January in any case with 200 kilos. You can not. In each discipline (thrusting and ripping, the editorial office) then I do not have at least 70, 80 Pounds “, feared the native of Austria:” The power structure will take us just insanely long. I will build the body slowly and prepare for the load. “

Actually, Steiner had been years aimed to be world champions in November. After the injury is suddenly uncertain whether and in what form he can go in August for the Olympic Games in London. “For me, London is still the absolute focus, otherwise I would not let me operate,” says Steiner. Realistically, he adds, “The goal I have for the time being depreciated gold, a medal too. I’ve scaled down my expectations for now. Right now is my goal: ride. That alone is a challenge that tickles. “

One thing is for sure, under the circumstances I think it will be a mega challenge for Steiner to win any medal in London. You’ve got to pull for him though, his 258kg CJ to win Olympic gold was a hell of a lift. In Turkey at the 2010 worlds he was constantly followed by media. A  TV camera was in his face 4 feet in front of him for virtually his whole training session. Just a little distracting I’d say.  I guess that’s the price of being a sports celebrity. When his session ended I felt a little guilty getting him to sign a couple of my photos, but hey that’s the price of being a star. I of course gave him an 11″x14″‘ photo.

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