Comparative photos of key positions in snatch technique

About the layout for the sequences;
please note this was a quick job, very crude quick scaling and not consist sizing of
the lifters. The selected lifters were somewhat taken at random(depending on similar camera frame rate) and are from left to right

  • KIM Min-Jae KOR (187 kg attempt) 7th place in total
  • SEDOV Vladimir KAZ 6th place in total
  • MOHAMMADPOURKARKARAGH Saeid IRI 3rd place in total

Actually Sedov lifted in 105kg category but weighed 94.65kg in the competition. He is the 2009 World champion at 94kg.
The positions are reasonably consistent in the key positions considering the lifters may have different body hts and limb lengths.


after clicking on the thumbnail, hovering the mouse over the right or left edge of the photo will give you the forward and back button

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