2015 Houston; The Big guys; the supers

There could very well be 6-7 different lifters in the medal hunt. It looks to be very competitive.

Albegov Ruslan RUS should certainly be in the medal hunt

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Houston 2015; Some journeyman lifters on 85kg start list

Alimov Ulugbek UZB lifting at the 2013 Worlds as 77kg

Hernandez Yoelmis CUBA 85kg always dangerous in CJ

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Liao Hui 69kg is not on start list for Houston 2015

Liao Hui  standing with WR 198kg

Liao Hui standing with WR 198kg

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MOULAEI Bahador IRI 105+ kg


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Looks Like a Dangerous Sport

Injury statistics from various sports say weightlifting has one of the lowest rates of injury; probably similar to the injury rate from table tennis

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