AKKAEV Khadzhimurat RUS

AKKAEV Khadzhimurat RUS

has fairly atypical jump forward of maybe 8-10″.

AKKAEV Khadzhimurat olympic weightlifter

AKKAEV Khadzhimurat RUS 105kg 2011 world champion

I’ve attempted to show just how far forward he jumps (photo below). Jump I feel is the correct word, he does not jump to get height and does not jump to get a full extension as in the traditional vertical jump. In photo #5 (above) and onwards he is probably not trying to get any more height by triple extending, his main task is now in quickly changing directions from up to forcefully pulling/shrugging himself under the bar. It is a flat footed jump minimizing air time. Indeed, the traditional pulls done in the 1970’s with full body extension and on the toes is technically wrong. Doing pulls in this manner is reinforcing bad technique. The rearrangement of the feet is done quickly.

AKKAEV Khadzhimurat RUS 105kg cleans 232 kg

AKKAEV Khadzhimurat RUS 105kg amount of forward foot movement


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