I’ve always taken photos of Olympic weightlifting, but got semi serious about photography (specifically digital) in 2003 when the World championships came to Vancouver Canada. Vancouver is a ferry ride from Victoria on Vancouver Island, so I volunteered for 2 weeks in the training hall. The training hall is nothing new for me as I worked the training hall at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton 1978 and Victoria 1994. I was assistant sports chair for weightlifting at the 1994 CWG under the leadership of Steve James.

My inspiration to take weightlifting photos probably came in 1970 when I viewed a Sports Illustrated photo essay on the 1970 European championships held in Hungary. The star of the feature (and future star) was a young upstart by the name of Vasiliy Alekseyev (spelling from wikipedia). The photographer was Neil Leifer, a sports photography legend.   I must mention two other “weightlifter photographers” who have influenced my  weightlifting photography, they are the Americans Everill Taggart and Bruce Klemens.

I have actively competed for over 30 years in the sport. A non weightlifting injury to a shoulder has put me permanently out of competing. My best official lifts are mediocre; 117.5kg (259 lbs)   snatch and 152.5kg (336 lbs) CJ @ 82.5kg BW done in mid 1970’s.

My association with the sport has been and continues to be a source of enjoyment for me. I am forever a diehard Olympic weightlifting enthusiast.

I have now been weightlifting for over 50 yrs