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Displacement of feet in snatch 2013 Worlds 85kg

A very non scientific look at horizontal fore and aft foot displacement of top 8 TOTAL finishers in 85kg category. First foot position is approx BB at hip, last position approx lowest hip position in catch. All were with each lifter’s heaviest successful snatch. Tian (China) bombed in CJ and did not total.

That red line was painted onto the platform. There definitely may be prospective problems due  to the angle of view.

The current wr holder Rybakou (phenomenal 187kg) has negligible movement fore and apt. He has a narrow catch position with outstanding ankle flexion.

You can also see that moving the feet out extra wide in the catch MAY hinder the ability to sink the hips into the lowest position in the catch.
2013 Worlds; foot movent in snatch

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