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Rachel 69kg Oct 2014 Front Squats 125kg for easy 2 reps

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Rachel 69kg Oct 2014 118kg jerk rack

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Tom Goegebuer

Brilliant Tom Goegebuer Interview on World  Weightlifting Podcast
I would have to rate this as one of the best podcasts on Olympic Weightlifting. Some very practical advice, so listen and learn from one of the best. He gives some very wise advice for both lifters and coaches.

Tom Goegebuer  BEL Olympic  weightliter

Tom Goegebuer


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Wu Jingbiao CHN 56kg

Wu Jingbiao CHN 56 kg Olympic weightlifter

Wu Jingbiao CHN 56 kg pulling his body under an unsuccessful 135 kg snatch at the 2010 world weightlifting championship at Antalya, Turkey

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Lü Xiaojun China 77kg – back exercise


I have seen the Chinese do this exercise in the training hall at a number of world championships. Typically within a day of the Chinese showing a “new” accessory exercise, there will be hundreds of lifters throughout the world “trying” the new exercise. And without any thought. Similarly if Lu’s program or any other elite lifter’s program is published on the internet, within a day again hundreds would be trying it. Again with little thought.


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