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My Garage; sometimes home to the Pacific Nomads


This was home this summer for the Pacific Nomads. “Old time” Olympic weightlifting. Definitely nothing fancy.

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North Korea PRK

I will soon post some training pics of the North Koreans. Caught this lifter pinching his mid section as he was sitting between sets. Not sure why, its not exactly scientific without calipers.Maybe he thinks he’s getting too fat. From news reports over the past few years I don’t think there is any obesity in North Korea.

North Korean weightlifter in training hall, 2013 Wroclaw, Poland

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Alexandra Escobar ECU 58kg

Persistence pays off for the 33yr old Escobar. Initially in her career she had some early success at the 2001 Worlds with gold in the 53 kg category in the CJ, bronze in the snatch, and the overall bronze medal with a of total 205 kg. She had to wait another 12 yrs to medal at the 2013 Worlds with bronze in snatch 108kg, silver in CJ with 133kg and silver in total 241kg. At the press conference she said she started OL at 19 yrs old.

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Eva-Marie Beauchemin-Nadeau CAN 75kg

Eva-Marie Beauchemin-Nadeau CAN 75kg finished in 6th place at the 2013 World weightlifting championship. It should have been 5th place as her 3rd attempt CJ was turned down on a questionable call. The entire crowd at Centennial hall erupted in very loud booing of the referee’s decision. This was not a partisan crowd.


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