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OM Yun Chol PRK 56kg – World record attempt CJ 170kg

It was very unfortunate to see this elbow injury to the 2012 Olympic champion.


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NURUDINOV Ruslan UZB 85kg – looking back to the 2010 World Championship

The ectomorphic Nurudinov uses a collar to collar grip in the snatch. His height is listed at 184cm or 6′ 0.5″. It is fairly unusual to see 6′ tall 85kg lifters at the elite level. At the time he was just 18 years old, finishing in 10th place with 165 + 197kg = 362kg.


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NURUDINOV Ruslan UZB 105kg – world chmpion 2013

NURUDINOV Ruslan UZB 105kg did 190 + 235kg ! I’ve had my eye on him since the 2010 worlds where as a 85kg at 6′ feet tall he did 165 + 197. To say he was a muscle-less wonder is an understatement. However he had the ‘right’ kind of Olympic weightlifting muscles. At the time I said this teenager will grow into a phenomenal weightlifter when he gets into his proper body weight class. Paris 2011 saw him move to 94kg  and make lifts of 177 + 221kg. The London Olympics saw  him grow again to the 105kg and make 185 + 221kg. London was not a  particularly good competition, he was capable of much more. The 2013 worlds proved this. He reminds me a lot of Ilin in his poised aggressive no nonsense “blow the weight away” style.



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Ivan Markov BUL 85kg

Ivan Markov BUL 85kg scored bonus points for his additional tumbling routine after a missed 175kg snatch attempt.  Ivan finished 2nd overall with 175kg + 206 kg


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Apti Aukhadov RUS 85kg – Trys new WR CJ 219kg

At the press conference it was asked of Apti, “what was going through your mind as you walked up to bar, did you think you could make the lift ?”

At press conferences many questions in English get “lost in translation”.

Anyway his response was that 3 weeks ago when his training was going extremely well, he had no doubt he would make the lift. However in the ensuing 3 weeks had a minor injury (not disclosed) that caused him to miss the lift tonight. He added that he will soon own this record.

Me wearing my Russia t-shirt undoubtedly helped Russia finish 1(Aukhadov) and 3(Okulov) in the 85kg category.


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