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Pic of the Day- Hasanov AZE 69kg

Hasanov AZE 69kg

Beautiful bottom position on this 150kg snatch at the 2011 World championships

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Gabe Auclair

Gabe Auclair sequence 177kg CJ

Gabe almost had this 177kg CJ at the May 2013 Canadian Championships

Gabe is one of the lifters I coach at the Pacific Coast Nomads club in Victoria BC. Gabe’s 1st competition in Victoria was July 2010 where he did sn 90kg and CJ 120kg. He lifted at the 2011 Canadian National Championship , May 2011; doing sn 125kg and CJ 156 kg for a 281 kg total in the 105kg category. So in the span of 10 months he improved his total by 71 kg ( 156lbs)on the two competitive lifts! Phenomenal progress. I knew he had special talent for Olympic weightlifting.

My programming is about slow steady improvement and consistency. The programmed year ending May 2012 was right on target with him doing at least a PROJECTED 305kg  total at the 2012 Canadian championships. The short term goals had all been met,he had officially snatched 131kg and jerked 180kg from the rack. Unfortunately at the least opportune  time frame(the final preparation for the Canadian championships) between Mar and May he was at sea for 6wks with no training. I recommended not going to the 2012 Canadian championships.

The past two years have seen him miss approximately 3 months of training per year due to his job in the Canadian Armed Forces. Regrettable circumstances but unavoidable. The year June 2012 to May 2013 was a familiar scenario; just as he gets into competitive shape, he is shipped out. A newer obstacle to training this year was a work schedule of alternating weeks of day shifts and night shifts. A lesser individual would give up in frustration and bemoan their circumstances but Gabe is not one of those people. He comes back ready to work even harder, ready to pound the weights with renewed vigor. In Olympic weightlifting;  intangibles like work ethic, persistence and determination are as important as technical ability and the physical attributes of strength, speed, and flexibility. In spite of the less than ideal training situation Gabe finished in 4th place at the 2013 championships.

Appendment July 2013; Due to a confirmed doping violation of another medalist, Gabe Auclair (Pacific Nomads,Victoria,BC) now gets the bronze at the 2013 Canadian weightlifting championship. Congrats to him, this coach is very happy; two lifters at the championships and two medalists! The other medalist is Rachel Siemens in the 69kg category.

Gabe has never missed a scheduled training day other than being away at sea or work related training. He consistently comes ready to train hard in every session. I’ve always programmed training to fit a lifters life circumstances, and in Gabe’s case it is training 4 sessions per week. While not ideal in the realm of professional weightlifting. I however chose this route for two reasons; quality over quantity and the extra recovery rest time.

Note: Gabe as of June 1-2013 has been training 5 days per week. Gabe will compete at the Ogopogo in Aug 2013, and then he will leave for 4 months of around the world sea duty.

Appendment Aug 20 2013; At the Ogopogo meet in Kelowna, Gabe went 5 out of 6 lifts with 3 personal records;  in  the snatch (136kg/299 lbs), CJ (175kg/385 lbs) and total 311kg. The total was a PR by 14 kg in 3 months. As coach, one of my goals was “sending” him off to sea with a successful meet. I will admit I might have been too conservative in the snatch selections, but I focused on certainty and getting through the snatches with 3 out 3 successful attempts. I believe Gabe’s total will put him in about 20th place in Commonwealth rankings. The week following this meet he cleaned 185kg/ 407 lbs. Gabe lifts in the +105kg class but his BW is only a 115kg/253lbs at his heaviest. This is somewhat of a handicap when his competitors typically tip the scale at +140kg/308 lbs.
Appendment Dec 14 2013; BC Provincials where snatched 137kg and CJ 176kg for 313kg total

Appendment Feb 22 2014; A&R meet Gabe snatched 140kg and CJ 185kg for 325 kg total

Appendment Mar 29 2014; Gabe traveled to the CLASSIQUE HALTÉROPHILE QUÉBÉCOISE where he snatched 145kg and CJ 185kg for a 330kg total.

Appendment May 19 2014; I am no longer involved in coaching Gabe.


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Pic of the Day-Tang CHN 69kg

Tang CHN 69kg olympic weightlifter

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Pic of the Day-Genny Pagliaro ITA 48kg

Genny Pagliaro ITA 48kg

Diminutive Genny 4′ 7.5″ @ 48kg lifts at 2011 Worlds, Paris France

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