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Pic of Day-Zulfiya Chinshanlo KAZ

Zulfiya Chinshanlo KAZ Olympic weightlifter

I thought it a little unusual for her to be sitting and conversing with the Chinese, but it turns out it wasn’t. There have been continual rumors of her and Maiya Maneza lifting for China. Photo was in the Paris 2011 Worlds training hall.

Will the dynamic dual females from Kazakhstan lift for China? For a relevant social anthropology story on this issue see the link

Coming back (to which) Home?

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Pic of the day- Su Daijin CHN 77kg

Su Daijin CHN 77kg

Su Daijin CHN 77kg cleaned this WR 212kg. I would be surprised if he makes a future Chinese team

It is extremely frustrating in this day and age of digital photography to have images ruined by another photographer shooting off flashes. This was one such image. Through the magic of photoshop I tried as best I could to recover blown out highlights and color correct for the blue color cast of the flash.

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