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Yanko Rusev BUL

Lifting at a World cup in Halmstad Sweden. I have just started to play with converting a lot of old VHS video from the early 1980’s.

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Pic Of the day- Li Xia CHN 75kg

clearly shows as the bar goes past the knees the hips must drop, knees move forward under the bar

She finished a distant 5th at the 2010 worlds, missing her opener at 113kg, then made it on a 2nd and jumped to 120kg for a miss, the bar was clearly high enough but displaced slightly too far forward.

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Ivanov RUS 94kg

Ivanov RUS 94kg Olympic weightlifter

I believe Ivanov ended his session with these snatch dead lifts with flat back.

Having a strong back is as essential as strong legs.

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Mishkovets Yuri RUS 85kg

Mishkovets Yuri RUS 85kg weightlifter

Yuri Mishkovets RUS 85kg was a world record holder in the snatch. He never got beyond his opener with 170kg at the 2003 world championships

I have some video of Yuri in the training hall at 2003 worlds doing snatches. He just drilled and drilled, I’ll have to re look but I think it was maybe 120-130kg.It seemed to me he slowed the snatch motion down a tad on purpose. The whole time his scowling coach watched and gave him shit…or so it seemed. Go figure. Yuri took it all in stride remaining very cool and meticulous in his approach. In the CJ at the competition he opened with 200kg and didn’t take a 2 or 3rd attempt

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Pic of the Day- Slivenko RUS 69kg

Slivenko RUS 69kg weightlifter

Slivenko RUS 69kg trains under the watchful eye of her coach

As Slivenko got further into her training session, more and more wraps appeared. She lifted fairly light weights, I don’t think I saw any Russian in the training hall go heavier than about 85% in the last week.

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