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Pic of the Day – Falahati Nejad IRI 77kg

Falahati IRI 77kg

Falahati, who??? Attempted this 210.5kg WR. He won the  2003 world championship in Vancouver. He potentially may not have been the best Iranian in this category as his teammate Barkhah made his opening snatch with 160kg and on his next attempt dislocated an elbow.

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Pic of the Day – Steiner AUT 105kg

Steiner AUT 105kg
Steiner lifting as a 105kg at the 2003 Worlds. This nice low 182.5 kg was his opener. His next two attempts with 185kg ended in failure with him nearly decapitating himself and narrowly having an elbow dislocation. It was uncannily like his 2012 London snatch attempt.

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Pic of the Day- Thach Kim Tuan VIE 56kg

This lifter is the extreme dolichomorph prototype; long legs and arms with a short torso. You rarely see this type of physique in the A lifter sessions at the worlds. Even more remarkable is the fact that he snatched 125kg @ 56 kg and at 17 yrs of age. Extremes in physique will require technique aberrations that become necessities rather than a choice.
Thach VIE 56kg

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Pic of the Day – Ragab EGY 85kg

Ragab EGY 85kg
Ragab (20yrs old) lifting at the 2011 Worlds. He finished in 6th place in London 2012.

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Pic of the Day – Liao Hui CHN 69kg

Liao Hui CHN 69kg
Liao was disqualified after winning the 2010 World championship and this WR 198kg was erased from the record book. Photo is available as 24″x36″ poster.

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