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Does Canadian Weightlifting get a fair shake from the Canadian Government?

Does Canadian Weightlifting get a fair shake from the Canadian Government?

I think not. From a CBC report about the “own the podium funding“, “Canada’s rowing teams received the largest investment at $16.1 million from 2009 to 2013. In London, Canada’s men’s and women’s rowing teams captured two silver medals. By comparison, the weightlifting program received a modest $180,000. And to add insult the current year 2012/2013 funding for weightlifting is being reduced from $50,000 to $30,000 .

A Canadian politician or government bureaucrat can probably spend these amounts in their yearly expense account. It only gets worse when you read the paltry amounts that the Canadian government awards for Olympic medals, Canadian Olympic medalists receive $20,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. Assuming a Canadian athlete works a 40 hr work week training, that gold medal works out to be worth about $2.50/hr over the 4 yr Olympic cycle. Even that goes from bad to worse, its taxable. Welcome to Canada.

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Chinese Womens Weightlifting Team Preparing for London 2012

James Nachtwey the  famous American photojournalist was given the assignment by Time magazine to photograph the Chinese Women weightlifters in preparation for the London Olympic Games. What a choice assignment. The link showcases thirteen superb photos. Its immediately apparent why he’s won every prestigious award for photojournalism. A great job.

In London 2012 the Chinese women’s team had three 1st place finishes and one bomb out.


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Who will win +105kg category at 2012 Olympics?

You would have to have been living in a bubble to not predict Salimikordasiabi (Sali for short) for 1st. The big question is how many WR’s will he set. He shouldn’t have any competition for 1st place. It could be a battle royal  for silver and bronze. Who knows, maybe decided on BW. So guys, start on the SlimFast . Sali’s older teammate Anoushiravani (Anoush for short) has been a solid over the years and has certainly helped in keeping  Sali in shape. They really push and root for each other in training. They are ably coached by Kouroush Bagheri IRI and Szalai Gyorgy HUN  bronze medalist at 1980 Olympics. With some reluctance I’m going with Albegov (RUS) for 3rd. Udachyn (UKR) is like all from his country, tough, durable, and fights hard so he’d be my 4th pick. Cholakov , formerly BUL and now AZE has potential going from past performances(perhaps too long ago). And Steiner, wish it could have been different…no chance. Shymechko is 5th in entry ranking. I saw him lift at the 2008 Euros,a great snatcher …I figured at the time that if he filled out in 4 yrs he’d be breaking the snatch WR in London with 215kg. That great prediction is not going to happen. With that I’ll leave you with the general  accuracy of my prognostications.
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 Bagheri IRI snatching at 2003 World championship

TRIVIA: Bagheri the Iranian coach still holds the Olympic snatch record @ 94kg with 187.5kg set back at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he missed his 3rd attempt with 190kg! So we’ll have to wait at least until 2016 to see it broken. The highest snatch @ 94kg in London was 185kg.

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Who will win the 105kg weightlifting at 2012 Olympics

Most people will probably predict the medalists, maybe not the order. Akkaev 1st, Klokov 2nd. I like them both.  Its basically a coin toss. The 3 rd spot will be interesting. Many candidates. Although Aramnau blasted his way to fame and fortune at Beijing, I categorically had him down for no medals in 2012. Turns out he has withdrawn. No matter how talented you are, you cannot squander your precious time with diversions other than wtl. He had a ton of them over the past 4 years. The personal load was heavier than the wts. While Dolega comes in with the highest entry total, old and recent injuries are not a good combo, he will definitely need a very good head start in the snatch. Torokhtiy UKR is a consistent performer and strong in the jerk, this ace in the hole comes in handy in big meets. However, in my bid to win money with the odds markers I will pick 8th ranked Nurudinov UZB for 3rd.

It appears the match of the year has been postponed for another time and place (hopefully). I am also hoping it’s a hoax. However,if the two Russians don’t start (probably as disappointing as finding out Santa was really Mom and dad). Then Torokhtiy UKR 1st, Nurudinov 2nd and Bonk POL 3rd (he has been  both a rising and falling star) . Not picking Dolega is as difficult as not picking Lu in the 85kg.

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Who will win 94kg weightlifting at 2012 Olympics?

I’ll go with Ilin for 1st although I’m not certain its the total given everyone thinks . I have to go with the twin Ivanovs;  Artem (UKR) 2nd and Alexandr (RUS) 3rd. There are a couple of dark horses who could sneak in. Kasabijew (POL) 1st competed at the 2004 Olympics as a 16 yr old! He lifted for Georgia. At the 2008 Olympics he finished 4th, so he is the primary dark horse. I am going just with  the original start list, not the official start list. So I may pick someone who is not entered due to some catastrophic injury or illness, real or imagined. Korea has been shut out of the medals so far and Kim is a another dark horse, as well as Uteshov KAZ.

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