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Korean Weightlifting

Korean weightlifting is to be emulated. No doping positives. The men finished in a solid 4th team ranking after the 2011 world championship.
The photos below are from the 2009 Worlds in Goyang City, South Korea.
This is a sequence of Kim Seon-jong KOR 94kg. This 168kg snatch was a miss. In frame 7 it appears the bar is a little too far forward. Did his hips in frame 5 knock it forward or maybe the bar just wasn’t moving with sufficient acceleration(the bar didn’t reach max ht with enough speed). Frame 6 is interesting, see the enlargement below.
A good exhalation through pursed lips.
Teammate Kim Min-jae KOR 94kg(photo above); is superior in the snatch, he pulls with a less upright back position than Seon-jong.

Top 4 finshers 94kg 2009 Worlds
1 SEDOV Vladimir         185     217       402
2 PASHAYEV Nizami    77    210       387
3 KIM Min-Jae           178    206      384
4 KIM Seon-Jong       165   218       383

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