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ROSTAMI Kianoush IRI 85kg is the new world weightlifting champion

ROSTAMI Kianoush IRI 85kg

ROSTAMI Kianoush IRI 85kg narrowly misses a WR 219kg

The young 20 yr old from Iran dominated the category, narrowly missing 219kg CJ WR on his 2nd attempt. He missed the clean with the same weight on his 3rd attempt. Defending Olympic champion Lu CHN bombed in the CJ. Rostami appeared to have his 2nd attempt jerk a little in front, he recovered forward off his rear foot (instead of pushing back off his front foot). This technique with maximum weight is rarely successful. However with the weight out front he had little or no choice other than run to forward.

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Womens 75kg category Paris World Weightlifting Championship

PODOBEDOVA Svetlana KAZ 75kg

PODOBEDOVA Svetlana KAZ 75kg

The photo tells the story, defending 2010 World champion Podobedova KAZ was defeated by EVSTYUKHINA Nadezda RUS.

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77kg category; three lifters attempt 211kg CJ

LU Xiaojun CHN 77kg

LU Xiaojun CHN 77kg has a close miss with 211kg

The two Chinese lifters Lu and Su made attempts at 211kg for a new WR,  as well as the Korean Sa. None were successful. I believe Lu came closest. Lu was not at his typical best in the snatch making only 170kg. Su  is improving in the snatch, making 166kg. In the training hall it looked like they were working on his stability and balance in the bottom position.

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Lu Yong CHN 85kg training hall

Its Weds nite and Yong lifts on Friday. I didn’t observe his whole workout. But I did see the order of these three exercises. He started by doing many sets of high snatch pulls, working up to a heavy single for multiple sets. Then onto clean dead lifts, all for heavy singles, starting with a little more than he ended with snatch pulls. Then after all this heavy work he moves to a speed exercise snatches from a dead hang, working UP TO 80kg.

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69kg category 2011 World Weightlifting Championships

Binay Mete TUR 69kg

Binay Mete TUR 69kg misses a close 166kg WR attempt

Hard luck for the slim Mete Binay, he had a WR 166kg locked out at the Paris world championships. He did exactly the same thing at the 2010 world championships. Binay a snatch specialist, won the gold in the snatch in Paris with a 157kg. Had he made the 166kg snatch he may have well finished in 2nd overall position instead of his 4th placing.

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