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World champion Kazakh Women at 2009 World championship, Goyang City, South Korea

Chinshanlo Zulfiya 53kg is a world champion at 16 yrs old, amazing! The demonstrative Kazakh coach Alexi Ni is very excited.

Maneza Maiya 63kg  is another world champion for coach Alexi Ni, he shows equal excitement about the win. At this stage of the championship the score is two female champions for China and two for Kazakhstan.

Podobedova Svetlana  75kg  is yet another world champion for coach Alexi Ni. Now the score is three champions for Kazakhstan and two for China. Podobedova had a dream competition day going 6 for 6 and setting three world records in snatch, CJ, and total



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Site is under construction

I have not been happy about my past web sites. Using Dreamweaver and learning html and css has been a pain. As well as being somewhat of a road block to constantly updating the site. My sense is that WordPress will make things easier. We shall see.

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