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Blurb book – photography of 2007 World weightlifting championships

2007 World weightlifting championships-blurb book  This post is not meant as a shameless plug, just a quick  photo journey of the competition. Doing single image two page layouts of head shots at the beginning was a mistake. I just wanted to practice doing a two page layout. But it was a  poor choice of photo, what was I thinking?  When you view these pages in the slideshow the center edges don’t match, however when the book is bound they do. Continue reading »

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Vencelas Dabaya; France’s best chance for a medal in Paris?

Dabaya Vencelas FRA 69kg

Dabaya Vencelas FRA 69kg does a back flip after his last lift in celebating his 2006 world weightlifting championship title at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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France’s local favorite Vencelas Dabaya will be under a lot of pressure to perform well at the 2011 world weightlifting championships in Paris, after zeroing in both the 2009 and 2010 world championships. Continue reading »

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Matthias Steiner -surgery Sept 22-2011

For sure using google translate leaves a lot to be desired. I think a few things were “lost in translation”, for example using lbs for kgs. It goes as follows;

Steiner Matthias GER 105+kg Olympic weightlifter

Steiner Matthias GER 105+kg lifting at the 2008 European championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

After surgery, Steiner writes from Olympic Gold

For two nights weightlifter Matthias Steiner had pain after his surgery, he now laughs again. The Olympic champion is still in the Olympic focus, but the first time just enjoying the time with the family. Because Dad Ouch!

Quickly goes to Matthias Steiner just nothing. Very slowly and carefully, he comes to special crutches that can withstand the 146-pound heavyweight. Under the broad based training pants, a rail, the left leg, which may prevent the weightlifting at the moment and not stress. At the knee a thick patch is applied over the surgical scar on his massive thighs or the thick cross is seen, was marked by the right leg before the surgery. Continue reading »

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Top 20 country rankings for 2012 Olympic spots (before 2011 Worlds)


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Podobedova Svetlana 75kg new World Record at 2010 World Weightlifting Championships

Podobedova Svetlana 75kg snatches a world record 134 kg at the 2010 world championship. I have arranged this sequence in groupings of 3 photos. The reason is I wanted to create a 2′(24″) x 3′ (36′) poster for personal use. Each 3 photo image is 12″ vertical x 18″ horizontal 300 pixels per inch.

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